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Commercial Architect

Successful business buildings

Let us design and build your successful business

Offices, shops, workshops, showrooms…whatever the setting our architects build buildings for successful businesses. Our goal is to maximise your property’s potential and create an environment that increases productivity, performance and profit. With the right decision you can enhance the working environment for your employees and experience for your customers.

We see and take care of the bigger picture

Our training and years of experience enable us to not only understand what you want to achieve and build, but the requirements and challenges involved. We balance beauty with function to create the right building for your business.

We take care of the paper work

We don’t just design and create quality business premises, we also ensure they fulfil building regulations and meet specific structural demands. We take care of the red tape and satisfy the building inspectors.

Hire from our network of craftsmen and builders

Having designed your commercial building, we can introduce you to the craftsmen and builders required to carry out the build. We have good working relationships and experience with skilled craftsmen, who will create the perfect work environment.

Let us oversee the job

Having designed and planned your project we can oversee the build and ensure that the plan is followed faithfully. We can ensure that the quality of the build and the final result meets your expectations.

Our services

  • Are your property plans viable? Viability studies
  • Design and sketching of plans
  • Management and completion of building regulations
  • Advise on structural solutions
  • Advise and introduce you to our network of craftsmen and builders
  • Building project management


Tell us about your project and plans

Get in touch and tell us about your project and plans. We’d be happy to give you any advice and help you require.