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Architectural Services

Public building architecture by Ross Smith & Jameson Architecture
New build architectural services by Ross Smith & Jameson
Interior image of home extension and renovation by Ross Smith & Jameson
Alan Stevenson House Listed building on Tiree. Conservation and refurbishment by conservation architect Ian Jameson of Ross Smith & Jameson, Edinburgh

Our Work

Architectural Services

  • project design
  • management of building regulations
  • overcoming structural challenges
  • project managing the build of your project.

We have considerable experience in both domestic and commercial builds.

Roof and chimneys of historic building. Building inspection by Ross Smith & Jameson
Edinburgh Architect - House extension by Ross Smith & Jameson Architecture
Commercial property architect in Edinburgh, Ross Smith and Jameson - new public building
Home extension by Ross Smith & Jameson, Architect Edinburgh

Building Inspections

In addition to our architectural service we also offer building inspections.

  • Details of building faults
  • Building repairs required
  • The level of priority of each of those repairs
  • Building repair costs

Designing places for people

Edinburgh Architect – Ross Smith & Jameson Architecture

Offering a full suite of architectural services including project design, management of building codes and regulations, overcoming structural challenges and project managing the build of your project. Our services are available for clients throughout Scotland.

In addition to our architectural services we also offer a building inspection service including reporting on the condition of a particular building or investigation into a specific building defect.

Founded in 1948 we are an Edinburgh based architecture firm that is passionate about designing functional, beautiful places for people. Whether commercial or domestic, we bring your project to life.