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Architect Expert Reporting Service

Architects are sometimes required to provide neutral, expert architectural advice and detailed reports of building faults when there are design or construction defects. The reports are then used by building owners or solicitors for dispute avoidance or for dispute resolution.

Expert Reports

Ian Jameson, an Edinburgh Chartered Architect has many years’ experience of inspection and critical reporting on most common types of building construction. Detailed reports can be written for:

  • residential property
  • commercial property
  • conservation property
  • listed buildings

The building will be assessed, or a particular aspect of it, to determine if the fabric is damaged, at risk or has been incorrectly constructed. He will take your instructions, inspect as required and report back to you in a format that can be clearly understood and will help you decide the way forward to correct the problem or, ultimately, to pursue third parties if they are at fault.

Ian has developed a style of report writing which often makes use of 3D images of buildings and which can help greatly to explain the nature and source of the defects.

Types Of Disputes

Architectural reports are used in many situations where there is a fault or dispute, however we are most often requested to help solicitors with evidence relating to:

  • construction defects
  • workmanship faults
  • building design defects
  • renovated building defects

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